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Zeppy Stardust

Bikepacking Iron On Patch

Bikepacking Iron On Patch

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These merit badge style patches feature my drawing of a loaded bikepacking bike. Patches are machine embroidered on cotton twill and have been professionally made from my original hand drawn image. The bags have been embroidered with metallic silver thread. The patches measure 3 inches across.

To attach with the iron-on backing: heat iron to hottest setting without steam and iron over the patch for 30 to 60 seconds, checking occasionally to see if it has adhered. You might want to use a pressing cloth between the patch and iron, but I did not find this necessary.

Please note, I only recommend ironing these patches onto natural fabrics, such as cotton or denim that can withstand high heat. I also always recommend sewing your patches down after ironing them on to ensure that they will remain securely attached, especially if you intend to wash and dry the item they are attached to.
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